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Dog Sex Story 2

When I was a young teenager I had a siberian husky. After spending many days in the kennel behind our house Kym would get very dusty.

One summer my parents went away for a fishing trip leaving my older sister, who lived in the duplex upstairs, to keep an eye on me. Besides my sister I was left to my own devices.

I brought Kym into the house for company, but, he was so dirty I gave him a bath. The best way to bathe him was to put him in the shower, take off my clothes, jump in then close the shower doors.

He seemed to like the idea of this new game, I liked it because it gave me another chance to use the shower massage! I rinsed the dog off, applied some soap then let it soak in. While I waited I turned the nozzle on my self, spreading my lips with one hand and controlling the water with the other.

As I teased the water over my clit, I got hotter and wetter. Kym started licking the water off my legs. It felt so good, I put the nozzle down and spread my legs wider, encouraging him to lick further up my legs. Soon he smelled my warm musky cunt and prodded me with his nose, well, I nearly came on the spot.

He nudged me again with his nose, his posture was very upright, tail wagging neck arched and ears forward. I rinsed him off at this point and as I reached between his hind legs I discovered my dear dogs balls were as hard as rocks! I stroked his sheath a few times and he reared up a little, as if inviting me to play. My mind started to fill with the possibilities. I was still a virgin but had talked about sex with friends and had read lots of books.

I finished rinsing him off, allowing him to lick at my cunt a few more times turned the water off, stepped out of the shower then towelled Kym off. As I sat on the towels, naked, Kym pushed towards me licking the drops of water from my face, neck and one nipple. That final touch pushed me over the edge and I decided to play with my dog friend as if I were another dog.

I turned to my hands and knees and licked Kym's muzzle then rubbed my face into his wet neck ruff. Normally I wouldn't have wanted his fur on me but I was very turned on and very into playing on his level.

Kym moved around behind me, sniffed then licked my asshole. I moved into a better position for him and spread my legs. He started to mount me, then I jumped away as I'd seen bitches in heat do, turning to invite him to play. I did this about three times, sometimes reaching under to stroke his hard on.

Finally he jumped me again and grabbed hold of me around my hips, his nails biting into my skin giving my first taste of S&M! I dropped my breasts to the floor, lifted my ass and spread my legs. Reaching back I felt his cock had slipped from his sheath and helped him get inside me. His hips started jerking and I could feel him just inside my hot wet cunt, just at the most sensitive part.

He slipped out of me as he was cumming and I felt his hot cum on my ass cheeks, running down my legs. By virtue of the way dogs are built he stood stiff legged for a while waiting for his balls to return to normal size. While we waited I played with my clit and got my self off. I let Kym clean me up, jumped back in the shower to rinse the dog hair off and curled up with my dog to sleep.

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