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Horse Fucken

It was a beautiful morning. Warm, clear, and quiet. Just about time to
check up on the animals again. I had fed them earlier, and tested them.
Quite a few of the stallions liked to be played with. I took a cup of
coffee, and made my way on down to the barn. There was somebody
standing by the corral, petting a black horse. As I got closer, I
recognized him. It was the same kid I had given a "lesson" in manners
to yesterday. But he was different. Clean clothes, being nice to the
animal, hmmm... "Good Morning," I said, putting my cup on a fencepost.
He grinned, shyly. "You owe me a favor." "Oh?" "Yeah," he turned, and I
could see the excitement in his eyes. "You said you were going to take
care of this..."

He opened his fly, and let seven inches of cut man meat slide out. I
stroked it, and he groaned. "A promise is a promise." I knelt down, and
licked on the tip. He moaned, running his hands over my shoulders. I
nibbled on the sensitive end, scraping my teeth gently along the
sensitive underside. When was fully hard, I stopped, and got up. "Come
on, I'll show you how to screw horses."

There was a pony in the barn, a nice Welsh Stallion, who earlier had
showed interest at both my hand on his balls, and a finger poked under
his tail. Maybe, I wasn't the only one who liked equines... I took him
out into the back corral, and tied his halter to the fence. "By the
way, I'm Rick, and nobody has ever done that to me before... I kinda
liked it." "From the way you were sucking on that stallion, I would say
it was more than `Kinda'." He grinned at that. "My name is Jack, as in
masturbate." I grabbed another crate, and the vaseline, and we went out
into the corral. He shed his clothes, and I put them in a neat pile,
off to one side. "O.K. The first rule, is let the animal know what you
are doing, at all times. Pet his nose, then rub his sides, and either
run your hand down his belly, or slide it across his rump and under his
tail. This way, he knows you are friendly, and you know if the animal
is interested."

Rick rubbed the animal, running one hand across it's back, and then
under it's tail. The pony snorted, and lifted his tail in a fountain
of horse hair. "Now, lubricate him up." Rick scooped out two fingers
worth of the slick jelly, and played with the stallions ass hole. Both
dig its diappeared into the animal's anus. "He likes it!" I smiled.
"Now, grease your cock up, and rub his ass with it." Rick smeared more
of the slippery lube on his dick, and handed it to me. Then, he slid
the seeping cock head up and down across the pony's anus. "When you
can't stand it anymore, screw him." He pressed his greasy dick against
the button of flesh. It puckered inward for a moment, then opened up,
engulfing the young man's penis, almost hungrily. "Wow! He's tight!!"
"If you are alone, and the pony is small enough, you can lean over him
and play with his cock, while you bugger him. They like that."

I watched the kid slide in until his crotch hairs pressed the animal's
butt. "You can rub his back, and his sides while you screw him, but do
not grab his legs. There is a web of flesh where his hind legs meet his
body, and they are very sensitive there. Grab him there, and he is
likely to kick you. Enjoy yourself..." I undid the lead rope, freeing
the animal's head, so it could move. And move it did! First the animal
snorted, then he sniffed me, then crained his neck back, and sniffed at
the kid, who was fucking him slowly. He shook his head, making his mane
fly, and grunting, stretched his neck out. Then his ears went up, and
he started nodding his head in time to the human's stroking.

I went out, and retrieved my coffee. Then I sat on the crate, and
watched while Rick buggered the pony. He was hunched over the animal,
one hand petting the animal's heaving sides, while the other wrapped
tightly around the black pony cock slowly stroked back and forth. It
was like a slow motion sculpture. Rick's hips moved back, and his cock
slid out a few inches. He pulled up on the pony's dick, causing the
animal to shiver, and pump it's own haunches forward. Then the human
pressed down, and his penis again disappeared into the pony's ass,
while the animal shoved back, causing the thirteen inches of horse meat
to slither through grasping fingers. There was a muffled slap, as flesh
met flesh. The human groaned, the pony grunted, and the whole processs
started again.

I swallowed the last gulp of coffee, and went over to the pair. The
horse looked at me, still bobbing his head. Lust shone in his eyes, and
I knew his orgasm wan't far away. Let's help it along... Rick
straightened up, and grabbing the pony's hips, fucked him hard and
fast. I sat under the animal's belly, and playing with his swelling
balls, sucked in the fat cockhead. And none too soon! The testicles in
my hands jumped in their sacks, as the tip of the pony's penis
expanded, and spat a wad of cum into my mouth. It splattered stickly
across my tonsils. The stallion wheezed, his cock throbbing.

Above me, Rick gave out a yelp, and growled. I chuckled, swallowing
another creamy bullet. The pony's anus squeezed on his cock, every time
the animal ejaculated. I gnawed in the rubbery flesh, milking his
balls. Still more horse cum poured out. I let my mouth fill for a
moment, and took a breath, the sweet scent of horse sent my senses
reeling. Sliding my tongue under the tip, I opened my throat, and
created a vacuum. Warm horse spunk poured down into my stomach,
shoveled in by a thick spatulalike cockhead, which pressed against
the back of my mouth and continued squirting. The flesh tasted sweet
after the tangy ejaculate.

When the gusher slowed to a trickle, I moved my head back, and took a
few breaths. Then, clamping my hands around the thick trunk, I milked
the last of the ponycum out. The tired animal nuzzled my back, his
cock disappearing back into it's leathery sheath. Rick lay on top of
the wide back, panting. I got up, and rubbed the stallion's head. I
grinned at the lad. "Well, how do you like horses now?" He shook his
head."I'd never have believed in a million years... I am going to take
a dip." While he jumped into one of the ponds, I rubbed down the pony,
and put everything away.

That started three full days of sexfilled bliss. Sometimes Rick would
fuck them, and sometimes I would. I taught him how to hold his breath,
so he could "deep-throat" an animal. I also showed him how much fun
Mares were. On Friday, my brother returned, and I went back to work.
Just about a year later, I got a call from Rick. It seems he had
inherited a ranch, and needed somebody to help him run the place. When
I got there, I found out he also had pack mules, and donkeys. So, we
started a working "Dude Ranch", with special trails, and week long
excursions. And, of course, at the end of the day, we showed our
animals how much we appreciated them carrying us and our gear. And to
think it all started with a chance meeting, and under not the best of
circumstances, either. Life was funny. I bent down, and kissed my
mammoth jack donkey between his long ears. He snorted, and looked at me
with one brown eye.

I waited for the rest of the "tenderfoot" 's to arrive at the camp
site. More pupils to show how much fun a donkey was. I got down off my
animal and stood, rubbing his cocksheath, while he nuzzled my crotch.
I grinned, and rubbed his nose with my other hand. "You are going to
have to wait a while, Ulyssies." Yes, life was strange indeed!

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